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Welcome to the Author's Bit, the digital hub of Areatae McGhee, a dedicated family life educator, mother, and business entrepreneur.

A Working Mother Navigating the Business World

I am more than an accomplished author; I'm a working mother skillfully dividing my time among family, business, and professional duties. Balancing the demands of motherhood, a part-time business, and a flourishing career in human services necessitates adept navigation. Accomplishing all of this mandates proficient time management and resilience.

The Time Investment in Running a Small Business:

Running a business, even a part-time venture, demands significant time and effort. I'm a seasoned entrepreneur, understands the balance required to manage resources, market effectively, and build a brand. Despite its scale, every business venture involves a strategic investment of time. Here are a few ways I manage it all. 

  • Balancing Family Commitments: I recognize the importance of family and allocate dedicated time for my kid and family. My focus is quality time spent with family members, involvement in their activities, and creating a nurturing home environment.
  • Business Commitments: Managing a part-time business demands specific attention from business-related tasks such as planning, networking, and overseeing operations, ensuring my business thrives without compromising family or personal well-being.
  • Self-Care Practices:  I prioritize self-care, integrating practices like mindfulness, exercise, and downtime into my routine. In addition, self-nurturing activities contribute to my overall well-being and resilience.
  • Structured Daily Planning: Areatae adopts a structured approach to her daily schedule, organizing tasks and commitments into a well-defined plan. Allocating specific time slots for family interactions, business responsibilities, and personal activities.
  • Technology Tools:  Using various platforms helps me streamline communication, project management, and administrative tasks r to optimize efficiency, minimizing time spent on routine activities and maximizing focus on impactful aspects of my role. 
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Recognizing that being adaptable allows me to adjust my schedule and address unexpected challenges or opportunities that come with being a parent and running a business. 
  • Goal Setting: It's true; writing down clear and achievable goals serves as a compass, guiding my strategic efforts toward meaningful outcomes.
  • Impact Assessment: Prioritization involves evaluating the potential impact of each task or responsibility and aligns the next steps in my personal life, and business objectives while focusing on activities that contribute most to my success and the well-being of my family.
  • Continuous Evaluation:  I regularly review my priorities, ensuring they align with evolving circumstances and goals. Strategically prioritizing tasks allows me to stay agile and responsive to changing demands while maintaining a trajectory toward success in all my endeavors.

    Constant Learning and Self-Improvement

    I'm committed to lifelong learning as it advances my skill set and is a cornerstone to my success. Whether it's staying up to date with the latest trends in my field, exploring new avenues for content creation, or refining my coaching skills I attest to the spirit of personal and professional development. 

    Prioritizing Self-Care While Adulting

    The life of a working mother, content creator, and entrepreneur is undeniably hectic. However, I find placing a high priority on self-care, recognizing that to show up fully for others, I must first show up for myself. Incorporating mindful practices and intentional downtime is essential for maintaining a well-balanced natural state of mind.

    Dating Me: The Wise, The Mature, and The Satisfied


    Dating Me: The Wise, The Mature & The Satisfied book and ipad marketing image

    My memoir, "Dating Me," offers readers a glimpse into my journey of self-awareness, perseverance, and the young woman to finally acknowledge the many challenges turned from pain into power. These experiences personally have shaped my perspectives on life and career. Get ready for acknowledges inspiring narrative that encourages readers to reflect on their journeys and aspirations.

    Lastly, as a working mother, author, content creator, and entrepreneur, it's evident that my journey is one of passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. My blog, The Author's Bit, is not just a blog; it's a testament to the power of balance, self-care, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

    Join me on this exciting voyage, where I will continue to share my insights, experiences, and wisdom with clarity, fun, and a genuine passion for the work I do. Stay inspired, stay connected, and embrace the journey of being your authentic self, just like me, Areatae McGhee.


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