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Areatae N. McGhee, a passionate and inspiring author, brings a wealth of experience to her writings. With a background in early childhood consultation and family life education, her work resonates with those seeking guidance in parenting and personal development. As a self-published author, Areatae McGhee's books offer a blend of motivational insight and practical advice, reflecting her dedication to empowering others. Her unique voice and perspective make her a go-to resource for aspiring writers and those navigating the complexities of family dynamics. Discover McGhee's transformative literature on Amazon's Author Central and join her journey of growth and self-discovery.

Inspire 2BU Design Studio

November 2020, Ms. McGhee announced Inspire 2BU Design Studio a new signature line of customizable products where you will find products such as cards, buttons, notebooks, magnets and mugs on the Zazzle platform.

Ms. McGhees signature line is inspired by her own words and related to her own life experiences as a creative writer. You can get updates, view new products and see what’s happening new by clicking her LinkTree page.

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Author's Bit Blog

Exciting news from Author Areatae! She's now expanding her business with the launch of her blog, "Author's Bit." This platform is a melting pot of everything writing-related. It's a space where Areatae shares her personal journey as an entrepreneur and businesswoman, offers glimpses into her writing world, and provides valuable self-care tips. Whether you're a fellow writer, a budding entrepreneur, or just looking for inspiration, "Author's Bit" is the go-to blog to hear from Areatae herself. Join us to explore, learn, and grow in the realms of writing and self-care.
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Author Areatae McGhee doing a live read of her book Dating Me

August 27 / 2022 / 8:00 PM

Book Signing Event: Dating Me: The Wise, The Mature & The Satisfied

This year is one to celebrate! Author Areatae McGhee excited as she attended her Book Signing at the Margarita Factory In Happy Valley, OR for her new book Dating Me.

Not only did she get to share her work, she got to connect with family, friends and readers who also have a love for words. The event was a blast with raffel’s, smiles and laughter a great mix for a book signing.

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