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The 30 Day Self-Love Guide

The 30 Day Self-Love Guide

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Are you prepared to begin a life-changing journey towards embracing self-love, gaining deeper self-awareness, and initiating positive transformation in your life? Introducing our comprehensive 30-Day Self-Love Guide, designed to empower you on your path to discovering your inner resilience, unlocking your true capabilities, and leading a life that truly aligns with your authentic self. This guide offers you a detailed 30-page companion, crafted to provide you with a day-by-day itinerary of actionable insights, strategies, and reflections. Each page is dedicated to guiding you through meaningful exercises and thought-provoking prompts, designed to enhance the love and care you afford yourself. Whether you're looking to kickstart your journey of self-love or seeking to enrich your ongoing practices, our guide is tailored to meet you where you are, fostering growth, self-compassion, and a deeper connection with yourself.


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About The Author

Areatae is a Certified Family Life Educator, Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Psychology with the emphasis in Life Coaching having over 20 years of experience of professional support to individuals around career exploration, life skills and mental health. She is known to challenge her peers with different perspectives and assist with support to navigate through life, business, and relationships.