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Chubby Chico Charms

Minding My Own Black Owned Business Single Charm Necklace

Minding My Own Black Owned Business Single Charm Necklace

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Crafted for the go-getters who started it all with a dream, this charm tells a story of resilience, passion, and the unwavering commitment to creating your own path. It's more than a charm; it's a reflection of your journey, worn with pride and elegance.

Let the world see the brilliance of black-owned businesses led by phenomenal women who follow their passions with integrity. This isn't just about entrepreneurship; it's about a movement, a celebration of dreams turned reality. Wear it boldly, embody the spirit of your business, and inspire others to follow suit. Join the league of visionary women who are unapologetically "minding their black own business" and doing it with grace, style, and a touch of brilliance! 

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Areatae is a Certified Family Life Educator, Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Psychology with the emphasis in Life Coaching having over 20 years of experience of professional support to individuals around career exploration, life skills and mental health. She is known to challenge her peers with different perspectives and assist with support to navigate through life, business, and relationships.