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Social & Emotional Learning Affirmation Cards

Social & Emotional Learning Affirmation Cards

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Boost positivity with our printable affirmation cards for parents, designed for supporting the challenges of teaching children social and emotional skills. Ideal for gifting to friends and family facing similar struggles, these cards offer uplifting messages of support and encouragement.  Teaching social and emotional skills is crucial for a child's development, fostering empathy, resilience, and effective communication.

Parents can incorporate these lessons into everyday activities, turning moments of conflict or stress into opportunities for growth. Encouraging children to express their feelings openly and providing them with strategies to manage emotions can build their confidence and social competence. Activities like role-playing, reading stories with moral lessons, and positive reinforcement can reinforce these essential skills. 

Perfect for keeping the car, home office, sharing with teachers, and family members. Instantly download or print as a PDF for easy access.


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Areatae is a Certified Family Life Educator, Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Psychology with the emphasis in Life Coaching having over 20 years of experience of professional support to individuals around career exploration, life skills and mental health. She is known to challenge her peers with different perspectives and assist with support to navigate through life, business, and relationships.