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Areatae McGhee

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

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Discover the path to inner peace and physical wellness with our comprehensive Yoga Journal. This versatile tool is designed for yogis of all ages, from young beginners to seasoned adults, providing a dedicated space to track yoga routines, poses, and even your favorite soothing music. Each page is thoughtfully designed to help you monitor your progress, reflect on your practice, and set future goals. Whether you're refining your poses or deepening your meditation, this journal is your perfect companion on the journey towards balance, flexibility, and serenity. Embrace a healthier, more mindful lifestyle with every page you fill.

Includes:  8 Pages 

  • Yoga Log
  • Favorite Music 
  • Practical Journal 
  • Yoga Routine 
  • Yoga Sequence 
  • Yoga Poses 
  • Yoga Journey
  • 10 Affirmations 
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About The Author

Areatae is a Certified Family Life Educator, Life Coach and holds a Master’s in Psychology with the emphasis in Life Coaching having over 20 years of experience of professional support to individuals around career exploration, life skills and mental health. She is known to challenge her peers with different perspectives and assist with support to navigate through life, business, and relationships.